This describes the various powerful planar beings that exist within the universe and how they affect the worlds around them. This includes servitor creatures like the Eidolons, Netherworlders, Elementals, Demons and more.

The universe serves many theories on its existence, in Dungeon Crawler™ there is one. There are the forces of Light, the forces of Darkness and all that is in between. Some beings are twisted and evil, others are given choice and others are locked in to their unwavering roles in the universe. Mortals are able to choose their own path, as a good, evil, neutral or chaotic entities. The following Pantheon will give you an idea of how the universe is viewed by the general populace of the Dungeon Crawler™ world.


Simply known as the Light, this essence has existed before time. It created its first children called the Angels. It then created the Darkness to give them purpose. Lastly it created Mortals whom would have choice, some argue, it was the greatest gift of all. At first the Light left the Mortals to their own whims, but found they were easily corrupted and swayed aimlessly, lost. It then decided to intercede directly, to which the Darkness protested that it too should have that right. So, the Light made appearances to guide its flock, and they listened.

Its appearance would vary from flock to flock, to best deliver its word, and as a result it was given many names to its many faces, but it was always recognized as the Light. It stood for the purest forms of justice and good; not ridged interpretations, or vengeance, but how it was meant to be in spirit. Many took its word as literal or twisted it to mean other things, no doubt with the aid of the Dark Prince. But, alas, the Light still makes its way to the Material worlds trying its best to guide its flock as best as it can, appointing emissaries to those that are deemed worthy and wise.


Created to contrast the Light, the Darkness can take any form just as the Light can. Its sole purpose is to bring about the fall of the Light by turning those with free will against it. Only by doing so can it hope to overthrow the kingdom of heaven and rule as king.

The greatest feat, and subsequently set back, was to turn the chief of Angels and his followers against the Light. When the Rebel Angels were cast out and blinded from the Light they arrived in Hell to challenge the throne of the Prince of Darkness himself. Another great battle waged, the battle for Hell. The Fallen do not have the numbers and without the strength of the Light they are unable to keep the Demons beneath their heel for long; and thus the battle for hell never truly ends with a clear victor.

Where the Fallen Angels wish to exact their revenge on the Mortals by obliterating them, the Demons wish to corrupt, coerce or cow the mortals in to joining the ranks of their vast legions. Their very different goals lead to many conflicts and even occasional confusion as to whom is on who's side.


The care givers of Mortal beings, they tend the earth, plants, animals and bring life to the worlds for Mortals to reside in. Known as the spirits of the land, sky and sea, they were created to reward mortals for their benevolence and grant those that show them respect gifts. These gifts were often received with much graciousness, although on occasion they would encounter mortals that were abusive or manipulative.

Eventually the Darkness figured out how to corrupt these terrestrial wards. The Darkness turned many of the Eidolons against their very nature by convincing them that rewarding mortals was not the only way to teach, but that denial and punishment would also work. Since the Eidolons were only created with specific purpose, they became twisted versions of themselves.

A line was drawn between the two; the Primal Eidolons that stayed protected from the shroud and the Eldritch Eidolons that carried out their duties to the letter or with malice. It is said that the Eidolons permitted this perversion in a way to create balance between them, for no reason existed for only some of them to shift or for them to even wish to be free-willed.

Primal Eidolons, the Sidhe, are benevolent although elusive. They will reveal themselves to those that are worthy, and watch from afar, granting gifts to those that deserve them as they have since the beginning. They take the forms of animals or hybrids with man-like faces wreathed in flowers, grass, leafy vines, bark and grass, a strange green glow can often be seen in their eyes and in their forms. Nearby plant life flourishes and bends toward them. Those that transcend from being Medicine Men become a Manitou, the guardians of nature.

Eldritch Eidolons, the Slaugh, are wickedly cruel and malicious. Those that seek their power risk everything in a trial of spiritual strength, many succeed becoming Shamans. Witches manipulate the spirits and force them in to servitude. The slaugh take the forms of animals or hybrids with man-like faces wreathed in thorny vines, orchids, mushrooms, moss and mould, a strange purple glow can often be seen in their eyes and in their forms. Nearby plant life shrivels and turns from them. Those that transcend from Shamans become a Wendigo, a twisted and violent force of nature.


Although many other creatures can bestow gifts or abilities to Mortals, they are not omnipotent beings and can give varying results. An Elemental or Netherworlder can instil brands, pass on weapons, armour or equipment of great magnitude, but not the ability to invoke callings. Many ancient tribes have Totems with which they can worship to call upon some of these planar beings, such as Outsiders (known as lesser gods) to do their bidding in exchange of sacrifices or rituals. Often, those that call upon these beings, like Cthuhlu, mistake their intentions or willingness to cooperate for something else.