The taxonomy of Dungeon Crawler breaks down the characters into distinct groups to aid in the identifying the character traits around the player. These taxonomies are kept simple, breaking down in to; races and then sub-races.


Animals are indigenous to the Material plane and have distinct anatomy. Animals make up the bulk of active life on the Material Plane, consisting of more distinct groups, such as; Mammals, Reptiles, Fish, Birds and Insects. They have no supernatural or magical abilities.


Animated are comprised of solid materials made to move by the forces of nature known as the eidolons at the behest of the terrestrial invoker controlling them. They have a barely discernible anatomy, no organs, they do not even rely on proper physics to move. When they move it appears that they are not quite in control of their entire body all at once and focus on moving different parts at different times often like a marionette.


Avatars are the Light and the Darkness in their material form. They can not be permanently destroyed, but can be defeated in this form, not matter how unlikely. The form selected by the Light or Darkness is often that of something those they are trying to communicate with can relate to. Avatars often reveal themselves with glowing white or burning yellow eyes, and then a pure white radiant form or a pure dark shadowy form.


Collectives are tiny organisms that have gathered together to act as one seemingly cohesive entity. They are normally inhabitants of the Material plane. They have no distinct individual anatomy or organs, but react as living beings.

CREATURES (see below)

Creatures are native to the Material plane and although not all of them are bipedal, most are and all are sentient with the benefit of reason. This does not mean however, that they are reasonable. A distinction between Creatures and Monsters is in how they advance. Creatures advance by learning skills and training, and young or old can be equally skilled, while Monsters advance by maturing and developing their abilities during particular stages of their lifespan reaching greater Echelons as they do so.


The Damned are cursed Creatures twisted by celestial invocation as a lesson none shall soon forget. They are no longer a part of society, but rather live off of society, they follow different laws of the universe twisted by their now half-life they only partially resemble what they once were. There are varying degrees of Damned depending on how far away they are from salvation. Red pinpoints of light can be seen in their eyes under the right conditions.


Eidolons are the spirits of the land in the Material plane, they coexist with nature and grant blessings upon those that follow their codex. The Sidhe (pronounced seed) often appear as a yellowy-green ethereal form that is a cross of animal with a human-like face, entirely wreathed in thriving flora. Their eyes glow green. The Slaugh (pronounced slaw) appear as purple ethereal forms with eyes aglow the same colour, and a hybrid animal form with a human-like face, entirely wrapped in dying plant life, thorns, mushrooms, moss and orchids to name a few.


Elementals are indigenous to the plane of Pandemonium. There are four distinct elemental groups; Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. It is believed that their taxonomy derived from their relation to the elements. Although they are sentient, they act on the will of their controllers without fail and without concern for their own safety. There are many other denizens of the Elemental plane called Elemental-kin that have manifested with less stringent ties to the Elements. Although core Elementals have a vaguely humanoid and simple form, they do not have faces, but do have white glowing orbs where their eyes should be.


Fae are indigenous to the Material plane, but usually reside within a great dimensional pocket called the Faerie Grove. The purest blooded Fae are known as Court Fae, or Noble Fairies. They are thought to be the closest thing to a mix of Creature and Eidolon known to exist. The next tier of Fae known are the Wild Fae such as the Pixies or Will O' Wisp. Many creatures share a bond with Fae, there are the Fae-blooded which are a step below Wild Fae like the Spriggan or Dryad, and some are known as distant relatives called Fae-traced like the Elves or Centaurs. Benign Fae are often called Seely Fae, while malevolent Fae are often called Unseely. Regardless of their standing, their rank in the Court remains solid. A curiosity about the Fae is that they are ruled by a Sylph.


Golems are simple entities created as guardians or enforcers by powerful sorcery, specifically enchantment. They are sentient enough to carry out very simple tasks, but have no desires or will of their own. They feel no pain, remorse or rage, they are unerringly loyal. Golems are made of any non-living solid matter; flesh, iron, clay, straw, cloth, stone, wood, steel and more. They radiate energy (usually green or blue) often from the seams in their form, or from the crystals, or glass that powers their lumbering figures when they are active.


Illusions are magical energies manifested to appear as something else. They are made to act or react as what they are copying would, but lack real substance to resist much more than a glancing blow.


Machines are constructed, have no sentience or will and require an operator to carry out their most basic functions, even if that operator simply has to trigger a weight, pulley or handle (like in the case of a trap or siege engine). Sometimes verbal commands are required for magically infused machines.


Monsters are indigenous to the Material plane. Although they may appear like Creatures, Animals or Plants, they have distinct abilities or anatomy not found in nature. These mysterious traits often give them an edge over nature. Lesser monsters, known as Beasts, are usually of animal intelligence, while greater monsters can be as civilized as the most regal of creatures and are often more intelligent. As Monsters age, they advance in Echelons rather than by their Class, their abilities and attributes often improve or change.

NETHERWORLDERS (Outsiders|Neth|Figments|Shades)

Netherworlders are broken in to four distinct groups; Outsiders (Otherworlders), Figments (Personifications), Neth and Shades (Spirits, Undead). Each is a reflection of sorts from the material world. All are indigenous to the Netherworld plane, but each comes from their own domain. Outsiders are found in the portions known as Limbo a twisted and strange wilderness, they are bizarre monsters that can be summoned by totems. Neth are found in the portions known as Gehenna, cities filled with slaves with buildings carved of flesh and powered by souls. Shades are spawned from portents known as the Twilight realms which appear in gateways to their inverted flip-side negative world. Figments awaken from the Abyss, usually closest to their catalyst, either spawned by touch or desire through sparkling and mysterious crystals found throughout this realm, many exist in the bazaars found in the Netherworld. Outsiders seem to have a variety of strange goals, while Neth strive to conquer and enslave, the Shades attempt to swell their own numbers with the bodies of material beings and Figments have their own selfish agendas usually to usurp their mortal masters. These four types of Netherworld beings do not share common behaviours or goals and often wage war upon one another. Outsiders have orange glowing eyes, while Neth have orange pin points in their eyes which, depending on the species, might only show up under specific circumstances. Shades have smoking green eyes. Figments do not radiate light of any kind from their eyes, but often reflect light at night similar to a cat or dog.


Plants are native to the Material plane. They are slow to react and require only nutrients from soil, sun and water (with certain exceptions to this rule). Fungi are included in this classification. They can not communicate with most beings, and have very little will.


Quintessence are beings from the Astral plane. They share very distinct traits; horns, long slender spade-tipped tails, pointed ears and many can shape shift or size shift. Their anatomy is usually akin to a humanoid or animal, but their physiology lacks the ability to procreate even if they appear equipped for it. Each takes the role that their master desires; companionship, lust, protection, enforcement, guardianship, servitude, and so on. Gremlins, Gargoyles, Incubi/Succubi and Genies are a few of these Astral beings. Although there are a limited variety of Quintessence, they have a wide range of appearances. Quintessence have white glowing eyes.


There are four very distinct groups of Souls; Demons, Fallen Angels, Mortal Souls and Angels. Souls are immortal, and although they have physical forms, they can not die, reproduce or feed (although they may devour). They do not succumb to gravity and can shut off inertia in relation to themselves. Demons have fiery glowing yellow eyes at will, Angels have very light radiant blue glowing eyes at will and the Fallen have blackened hollow sockets where their eyes used to be (however, they still see just fine). Demons seek to recruit mortals in to their armies, through bargains, trickery or intimidation. The Fallen seek to cow and punish all Mortals as they hate them out of jealousy. Although called Mortal Souls, they are indeed still immortal, but come from the Mortals of the Material Plane. These Mortal Souls, when their physical bodies perish, are sorted in to Pure Souls and Burning Souls depending on whether they are sent to Heaven or Hell; however, a few can become lost in the afterlife and become Lost Souls. Angels seek to protect and teach mortals the path, without forcing it upon them, or giving them the answers outright.


Spirits are the essences of ill-will trapped between the Twilight Realm and the Mortal worlds. They come in many different incorporeal forms, like that of phantoms, spectres, ghosts or wraiths, but always have green pin-points of light for their eyes.


Undead are the physical ill-will animated in the Mortal worlds. They come in many different forms, like that of skeletons, zombies, ghouls and mummies, usually wrought from the corpses of their victims, but always have green pin-points of light for their eyes. Note that Shades are not actually Undead or Spirits.


Most taxonomies have a system of power that is decreed by age (Infant, Child, Young, Adolescent, Adult, Mature, Aged, Elder, Erudite, Venerable, Senescent, Ancient). The elder these characters get, the more powerful they become. Creatures are pretty much the only character that evolve purely on a caste system (Adventurer, Tyro, Veteran, Elite, Exemplar, Champion, Master, Legend).



There are two main groups of Dwarves found in Keldorn; Gold and Ice. Both are very similar, but distinct and both share the kingdom of Minus Dimore. An additional few other dwarf races are believed to exist deeper in the underworld beyond the labyrinths of the minotaurs. Dwarves can summon up unreal courage when needed.

Gold Dwarves are a boisterous lot, often friendly and free spirited. They enjoy a good drink and a good brawl and a good drunken brawl. They have blonde or brown hair are stout humanoids with slightly pointed ears. The males often sport full braided beards and unkempt hair. They live in the Icecrest Mountains, calling the dwarven region Minus Dimore, and occupy the mid to low levels. Their citadel capital is Stonehold. The closest Keldornan town is called Kriegan's Pass, while a village name Stone Door rests just outside of Gal' Gorahd (the Dwarven Gate in to the mountain domain). The Gold Dwarves battle the Orcs of Gul' Matok.

Ice Dwarves are a sullen lot, they are cold, calculated and judgemental. They enjoy quiet, regiment and order. Physically Ice Dwarves are around 3ft-4.5ft tall, stout and the males sport thick well groomed black, white or grey beards and short hair. They have slightly pointed ears as Gold Dwarves do, but their skin has a faint blue hue. Ice Dwarves are fewer in number and do not range as far as their cousins the Gold Dwarves. Their capital citadel is named Mythorr, and they reside from the mid levels of the mountains to the high peaks of Icecrest. They often battle Ogres that wander too far from Shihaii. Although Grim Modahn is close to the Keldornan border, its elevation makes it very difficult to visit.


The high elves comprise of four sub-races; Sea, Wood, Stone and Fire. Each is fae-traced and bow to the whim of the faeries of the Faerahn. Elves are slender of build, just slightly shorter than humans ranging from 4ft-5.5ft tall and have long pointed ears. Elves are so tied to magic that they all wield innate spells from a respective element.

Sea Elves are a coastal elf with a light blue skin. Often the mood of a Sea Elf is contradictory to the environment they are in, they can be happy during a mourning period or sad during a wedding. They are slaves to their emotions, and can be viewed as moody, but at least they are reserved enough to keep it hidden at the wrong time. Sea Elves vary their combat tactics depending on their moods, keeping in mind their desired results. Although not arbitrary like the Chaos Elves, they are prone to a wide range of heavy emotions that can require subduing, or no emotion that requires inspiring. The skin of a Sea Elf is a light blue in colour, their eyes are widely varying shades of blue and green, while their hair is white or black in colour.

Wood Elves are a whimsical lot that dwell in inland forests. Probably the most commonly encountered, the Wood Elf is also the most flighty. Although they tend to be flighty; after getting to know someone closely, they move on to their next new friend, only to return on a whim. In combat they prefer to keep moving rather than to fight toe to toe, and when they do fight it is almost always from a distance. Wood Elves originate from the Sylvan Wood, but also reside in the Grove. Green eyes and blonde or white hair and fair skin are Wood Elf traits.

Stone Elves are a sullen people that dwell in the mountains. When most discuss the noble and regal High Elves, these are the elves that first come to mind. They are slow to anger or to act out of emotion. The Stone Elves are the embodiment of patience. They do not give way to emotions easily, if ever, they acknowledge futility and resist giving in to despair. They prefer to be alone with their thoughts, instead of socializing. It is said that when they work, the work is done efficiently, perfectly and quickly without waste of time or effort, because they think it all out before doing the work. Stone Elves do not like to fight, but when they do it they are never hasty, and are as efficient as when they work. They perceive little difference between the two. Stone Elves originate from the Frost Peak Mountains, some reside within the Grove or traverse across the Faerahn. An interesting feature of the Stone Elf is their light grey skin, they have dark eyes and black or white hair.

Fire Elves are the quickest to act out of emotion. Of all of the High Elves the Fire Elves are the most militant. Their competitive natures and strategic flexing can often prove trouble to themselves and their allies. Of course in comparison to their darker brethren the Chaos Elves, they pale like the moon to the sun. Fire Elves fight with a heated passion in the heart of battle, whereas Chaos Elves tend act without reason. Their speciality in life seems to be combat, they like to plan out and execute strategies like a chess player whether face to face or in large scale conflict. Fire Elves, despite their lithe frames, have no fear of running in to battle using skill and speed instead of brute force and relish in doing so. They originate from the Burning Peaks, some reside within the Grove. Their eyes are generally brown or blue, and their red or blonde hair hangs over their fair skin.


Although giants are mostly found in Pandemonium or the Netherworld, they also have settlements in the mortal world. It is unclear if they had migrated from one to the other, or existed on both, but their close ties to the elements allows them to live in either plane comfortably. The four giants from Pandemonium are; fire, frost, stone and storm. Giants tend to form strongholds or keeps, not villages or towns. There are also the four giants tied to the Netherworld; Firbolg, Fomorian, Ispolin and Jotunn.

Fire Giants are the most wicked and stand around 25ft tall. They command fire and resist it. They often reside in deserts, volcanic regions or very hot and dry climates. Their skin is blackened while their hair is fiery red if they have hair at all (regrown from being away from open flame). They wear fire resistant scale, metal armour, charred hide or nothing, if they have clothing it is often burnt and tattered from flame which they can resist. These are the most coordinated group of giant, often residing in large structures like a fortress behaving like evil lords, or in huts and behaving like a band of thieves and brigands.

Frost Giants are the most unpredictable and stand around 27ft tall. They resist the cold. Often they will reside in frozen wastelands or cold regions, only raiding warmer climates when they must. Their skin is pale to light blue and their hair is white. They dress in furs, and use steel, bone and silver for their armour. Frost Giants live in families in log houses, but all work together like hunting packs and may have a fort or great lodge where they congregate.

Stone Giants are the most common and stand around 30ft tall. They are expert hurlers of stones. They often reside in the woods and caves. Their skin is light brown or grey, their features are extremely chiselled and their hair is grey, black or green. They dress in simple hides or cloth, often leaving their thick skin bare. Stone Giants tend to stick to themselves or roam in a small band of 2-3 when they wander around.

Storm Giants are the smallest only standing 20ft tall, but their command of wind, lightning and being able to fly at will easily make up for the lack of physical stature (comparatively). They often reside on the coast or in floating castles. Their skin is varying shades of green and their hair is black or white. They wear togas, draped cloth and ornate bronze or gold. Storm Giants tend to be solitaire or found in pairs at the most. It is very unusual for them to join in large groups.


Goblins divide themselves by tribes or clans rather than by subraces. Standing in at 3ft tall, the Goblin is usually nothing to be feared, and they know this. They are cowardly, fast and annoying. They view each other as expendable, as many of the other horde races do. A goblins life is often short and fraught with danger. They will band together or with other stronger races to better their odds. Goblins reside anywhere, but have several villages in the Forest of Shadows and also inhabit many caves at the foot of the Barren Mountains below Sorrowheart (the greatest of Harpy citadels).


Harpies are deadly and often cunning opponents, fortunately their numbers are kept in check due to the amount of young rival deaths in their communities. Harpies tend to stay in flocks until they become venerable and then strike out on their own amongst the "lesser" races, preferring to regain a higher status in a new pecking order. Many prefer the art of enchantment magic, and a few develop an ear splitting shriek upon reaching adult hood. Harpies tear their enemies apart and feast on their flesh. All Harpies, oddly enough, appear to be female, they are rumoured to be able to mate with most creatures and still bare Harpy offspring. Harpies are humanoid from the waste up with large black wings, clawed hands, raven from the waist down, their eyes and hair range widely in colour, and their ears are long and pointed.


A mystery of Ara, no one knows from where Hobgoblins came or why. Some of the stories that have come forth through the ages have been rather strange. One claims that they are a cross-breed of Dark Elves and Goblins. Another claims they were actually a sub-race of Elves like the Shadow Elves or Mystic Elves, but they worshipped the darkness and as a result were perverted in to this strange and completely new race. Some say they are the twisted spirits of dark Dwarves that used to live deep in the earth. They may even be failed experiments by some ancient sorcery done to Goblins. No one knows for certain except for maybe the Hobgoblins and they rarely speak with outsiders or to each other for that matter. They often wear wraps, patched clothing or piecemeal clothing and armour as they are constantly picking at themselves with their sharp nails or cutting with knives from what appears to be frustration, angst or boredom. Their fast healing allows them to recover, but their clothing must be patched or replaced. Most have limited necromantic abilities at will. Hobgoblins are lithe, have charcoal skin, they are missing their noses, have a very prehensile jaw which can contort easily filled with long sharp narrow teeth, they have long pointed ears, small black eyes. Their faces appear quite long at times, but when they smile, their grin literally contorts their face to be disturbingly wide.


Azrahdii live west of Keldorn and carry many different philosophies than the Keldornans. The major difference is that they are permitted to use and teach Sorcery. Also, they do not believe in wasting, so they are permitted to kill intruders and raise them as undead servants. The Azrahdii are a desert folk and much of their trade is necessary to keep them prosperous.

Keldornans are a people that are only a few generations removed from being barbarians themselves, they are new to citadels and lord ships. They like things simple, and are overall a good people. Having faced and defeated the Blacktusk Horde, they were left with only one chieftain that united them all under one banner. King Keldorn then ruled them until dying of old age and his family has passed down the crown from one to the next until this day where it still rests on the brow of King Martius Keldorn.

The Gypsies travel the world bringing trade from far away lands. They often camp outside of the city limits or are permitted in to a camp area within the borders for safety. Mysticism, exotics, news and rumour are often brought with them, making for very active and stressful visits. Gypsies often have a very eclectic appearance as they often mix with the folk they visit, and pick up stragglers that wish to see the world.

The mountain Barbarians from the Frost Peaks are a hardy semi-nomadic people. Trapped in a harsh climate with the likes of Ogres and Stone Elves, they often travel down to the Deep Marsh, Forest of Tears and Keldornan Grasslands to gather food or to trade before returning to their huts. Their strength and familiarity with the lands often leads to odd jobs as scouts, hired labour or brute force.


Kobolds stand around 2.5-3ft tall, and are clever. This race of troublesome creatures are experts at digging holes and laying traps for the unwary. In combat they are usually only dangerous to small groups and even then they must be in large numbers. Their tactics often consist of setting traps, as they may not be highly intelligent they are, however, crafty. Kobolds have furry bodies with exposed hands and feet, wide ears and a naked tail. They are very much akin to rats. Their fur is usually brown, grey, black or white and sometimes mixed. They use Giant Bats or Giant Rats as steeds to do battle. Hurk Abla is a large Kobold Burrow in the southern Keldornan Grasslands where the Kobolds rule supreme. It is said the burrows go deep and far, some say as far as the mines beneath the Barren Mountains.


Minotaurs stand around 9ft tall, these fierce hunters and warriors rule the underworld through fear. Their warlocks and sorcerers reach levels of power that few can match. Many Minotaurs choose to take the path of the infernal to gain an edge against their enemies. Their strongholds are places of violence and tyranny, and only the most fierce-some stand out. Occasionally a Minotaur may find the life of their people unbearable and they may wander off on their own to try to avoid the evil below. Should they survive their enemies and dangers of the underdark, they may make it to the surface alive, although rarely sane. These Minotaurs find themselves working as mercenaries or hired muscle, still often much more violent than general society, they are treated as monsters. They often get sold in to slavery or servitude. Tiragorhd is their main citadel found deep within the labyrinth.


Ogres divide themselves by tribes or clans rather than by subraces. Ogres stand around 12ft tall, they are dim-witted, lazy, clumsy, unclean and brutish. It is believed that Ogres are really just enlarged Orcs, like Giants are enlarged humans. They have a yellow skin hue, a huge under-bite with two enlarged teeth (usually 2) jutting upwards and a sloping brow. Ogres are plentiful enough that they can be a nuisance, there are many more Ogres than there are any one type of Giant.


Orcs divide themselves by tribes or clans rather than by subraces. Orcs stand around 6-7ft tall and are fierce, but simple. They can be confused or cowed easily. They are plentiful and use their numbers and strength to swarm their enemies. Usually they war with the dwarves as their borders cross. Gorgala is their main citadel, but they have many strongholds and fortresses both underground and above on the Icrecrest Mountains.


Depending on the breed of Troglodyte, they can stand around 6-7ft tall (Jungle Troglodyte). There are several other breeds of varying kinds of Troglodyte; Deep, Desert, Jungle and Water being the main ones.

Deep Trogs are small, standing only 3-4ft tall. They are exceptionally agile and lithe, they live deep underground using the worlds heat to keep them warm. These semi-advanced archaic creatures rob, enslave and back-stab those unfortunate enough to encounter them. They have padded feet with claws for climbing rocks or trees. These Trogs appear black, bright blue or pale white in colour with red, blue or black eyes.

Desert Trogs adapted to their surroundings, these Trogs will burrow beneath the sand and wait to ambush any unsuspecting travellers. Their homeland is in the Wastelands and deserts. Invaded by the Dreadlanders they have come in to the service of a cruel master, the DreadLord. They are a dusty brown to grey or orange colour with brown to black eyes.

Jungle Trogs carry poisonous weapons and are generally hostile, survival of the fittest is the creed amongst their clans and even their larger more advanced cult societies. They are also found in caves (and are sometimes called Cave Troglodytes) and deserts, preferring warmer climates. Their territory ranges from the Jungles of the south, through the Barren Mountains, all the way up to the Forest of Shadows on warm years. These Trogs are a brownish green colour with bright markings depending on their clans, they have fleshy skin flaps along their heads, backs and tails, and their eyes are bright green or yellow.

Water Trogs are advanced and intelligent. These Trogs tend towards a neutral alignment, making trade possible and hiring as mercenaries possible. This makes them both dangerous and useful at once. These lizard-folk are able to traverse small bodies of water by running across its surface, but are also adept swimmers. They are an aqua marine colour with light to dark blue eyes, they have a head, back, forearm and two in-tandem tail crests along their slender tails.


Trolls divide themselves by tribes or clans as well as subraces. The most common Troll is the Hedge Troll standing around 9ft tall. Also called the Horde Troll they are green skinned with patches of hair around their neck, forearms, waist and calves. They appear like large gangly hairy versions of Goblins. They heal wounds from normal weapons very rapidly, which makes them quite deadly opponents. The elves with their innate magic help keep the Trolls numbers limited. They can often be very cruel, cunning, risk-taking riddlers. When they are younger they prefer to use their claws, but as they age they begin to use weapons and armour, making them truly formidable opponents in battle. Although they do not have citadels, they do have dens, the largest of which is called Trollsridge Haven. They also have dens in the Deep Marsh called Twistedroot Dhurg and Blackwater Dhurg. All three locations are avoided at all costs. It is believed that the lost sword of Keldorn lies in the Trollsridge lair along with a very ancient dragon.


There are two very distinct Vodyanoi subraces, the one standing 6ft tall with mottled brown or grey are the Pond Vodyanoi. The other 4ft-5ft tall brightly coloured subrace is the Leaf Vodyanoi. A strange trait of the Vod, as they appear to be amphibious and not mammalian, is their beards and sometimes moustaches. Although stringy and thin, they are natural and can get very lengthy as they age.

Leaf Vod are small, greedy and always trying to get the upper hand. They use blow darts or ranged attacks with a sleeping toxin, then rob their victims. Their attacks are usually non-lethal, but it's very annoying to have to buy some of your equipment back. Try to take it by force and you'll find yourself waking up miles from where you were without shoes. They have a strange sense of honest work and can be traded with or trusted to do what they are hired for. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the Leaf Vod are nomadic and do not have villages or towns.

Pond Vod are thuggish brutes. They do not remotely share the attitudes of the Leaf Vod at all. They serve their shadowy dark idols and their chieftains without humour. They reside in the Great Blue Lake and the surrounding swamplands ruling from their watery citadel of Bolgola.