First and foremost, we do our best to make sure everyone's DC experience is the best possible. For those shortcomings that do occur we apologize and will make our best efforts to correct them as quickly as possible. Although we have set a policy for refunds and replacements we do take your inquiries and complaints seriously and will review any disputes on a case by case basis.


As a small indie company we can not afford to carry the policy of returning funds if the game play is too complicated or simply unsatisfactory. We have provided a demonstration video which shows the game in detail and at length (43 mins) available online, in addition to extensive rule guides and a flash tutorial as well.

Refunds are rare as the cost of the game is very close to the cost of shipping it, but are available under extenuating circumstances. To be considered for a refund the product must be returned unopened. Any refunds issued can be subject to deduction of discounted shipping in addition to paypal fees at your loss.


If it is within 90 days of your purchase and you have noticed problems with your product please contact us.

Known manufacturing issues that can be resolved by replacement:

  • 1. White peeling from cards that did not cure properly that blotch out the graphics or cause a trail of dots (this resembles the look of cards sticking together).
  • 2. Dark cards where the card graphics are indiscernible.
  • 3. Mis-packaged product.
  • 4. Mis-cut product. If the product is cut so that part of the graphic is missing.

We may require you to ship us your damaged goods in order to send you replacements.

Known issues that we can not resolve by replacement:

  • 1. White speckles caused by card curing (different from white peeling- this has the appearance of dust on the card).
  • 2. Hairline scratches from manufacturing process (that scar the finish not the card itself).
  • 3. Three cards were printed at a different facility, they were; Wood Elf Wizard, Pathfinder and Undead Slayer. These cards are different in quality. Since they are not placed in a deck during game play, this does not interfere with game play. This issue has been resolved with our new prints.
  • 4. Colour variation. There is a certain degree of colour variation expected in all printed product, the Unbound set has a large degree of this, but in most cases this does not affect game play.
  • 5. There are 2 cards that have manufacturing defects on all prints of the card. Ghoul (found in the Unbound Starter) has a black dot over the Power score and Full Plate Armour has the Gifted Vision watermark.

We understand that there are instances that may not be listed. If you feel that your situation is not covered by these guidelines or may be an exception, please contact us with your inquiry.

You may contact us from our contact page.

Thank you for your patronage and happy crawling!