Hi Kids!

If you want to play, you may need to do some trading... however, check below to see if you have enough cards to play already!

It is our hope that you will be able to play our game, but if you just want to collect them for the artwork, then we will be happy with that too!

Keep in mind that not all of the cards from our set will be in every box of boosters.


4 Adventurers, you can play with any 4 adventurers you like, even if they are the same ones.

60 Crawler cards, make sure your adventurers have enough resources so you can bring the Crawler cards in to play. We recommend you play with 60 cards so you can get familiar with the game. You can of course play with 65 (like from our starter) or 80 for a big game.

60 Dungeon cards, make sure you have the same number of Dungeon cards as you have Crawler cards for your deck.

1-3 Quests, 1 Quest is a quick game, while 3 is a long game. Make sure you have all of the Dungeon cards you need in your Dungeon deck to complete the Quests you have. Dragon Slayer and Knowledge is Power may be difficult to complete without the right cards, but Journey's End, Pathfinder or Undead Slayer should be easy enough to do with the booster cards!

Tokens, these don't come with the booster packs, but you can use bingo chips, pieces of paper, paper clips or pennies to keep track of things while you play.

Download the rules here.

Check out all the extra info here.

If you have any questions about the game or want to trade with other kids, please ask an adult for help to get set up and come to our forums so we can help. The password for joining the forum is "Greenknee" - our main goblin villain from the Unbound set.

See all of the cards in our gallery.

Most importantly we hope you have fun collecting the cards or just seeing the artwork. Have a fantastic year ahead.

- Jey & Ev