The replacement pieces have arrived, except the Mermaid. As of now, the Mermaid rework and the Clawed Deviant have been canceled due to restricted funding. If you are still missing your Mermaid as you were waiting let us know and we'll try to make ammends.

The Behemoth

Available only in Resin and as a limited run.

Behemoth: this giant 8x8 rivals our Kraken figure, and although he gave us much angst, it has made it through the gauntlet to the market.

  • Enormous kaiju on three legs with one raised to strike.  Tongue is removable.

Forest of Tears

What does the forest hold? This set holds a lot of firsts and has been in development for a very long time because we are breaking so many moulds all at once! Announced in an interview with A-Game Magazine, available now!

What is a forest without trees! Our first large miniature the Massive Animated Tree, is ready to beset the wrath of nature upon those that might sully it. This tree sports some nice leafy branches, and turn it around to hide or reveal the face engraved within.

Our second reveal is more for scenery, the Standing Stones, able to transform from a monolith to a stone henge archway. Need a magical archway, or a mine entrance (turn it around), a huge ominous block of stone, the standing stones are here.

Our third DCM reveal could be used as scenery or as a magical guardian. The small based Skull Pike comes with 3 interchangeable heads; human, orc or a bare skull. This is a first for us in interchangeable parts (not counting the Standing Stones). Let this serve as a warning to adventurers, get creative!

Our fourth and final DCM reveal is called a trap by some, but we still think of it as an encounter. Our first transparent figure, the Slime!

  • Big leafy tree with a clawed branch
  • A post held up by stones with 3 removable heads, a skull, a humanoid head and an orc head
  • Green ooze with skull and bones
  • 3 slabs of stone that make a monolith or a stone henge

The Kraken

Mermaid (available as a first draft, see our shop for details).

Monsters fill the world of fantasy, and now they can fill your table! Featuring this giant 8x8 Kraken figure from our KickStarter Click to see our campaign.

Kraken: a humongous intelligent monster of the depths or champion of other worlds.

Massive Tentacle: this feeder tentacle is incredibly large taking up a 2x2 base and towering over almost all other miniatures, it is a perfect match for the Kraken. Need some non-feeder tentacles, check out our first set From the Depths for the 1x1 Kraken Tentacle too.

Mermaid: this aquatic lovely lady can be brought in as a sorceress, a guardian or a potential ally.

You can see our KS gallery here on Dungeon Crawler.

  • Red haired and green tailed mermaid
  • Massive barbed tentacle
  • Enormous squid like monster half submerged


This set of monsters comes from our 2013 Kraken KickStarter campaign.

Botanimoth: a gigantic 3x3 plant, ready to feed on careless adventurers. An excellent match to our Plant Vine figure.

Firbolg Skeleton: a giant humanoid undead ready to do battle with weathered sword and armour.

Greenknee: this goblin necromancer is perfect as a warlock, robed sorcerer or goblin leader type - he is our champion from DC Unbound, and we're proud to bring him to light! (although he's not happy about the light)

Peryton: part bird, part stag, all monster, death on wings!

You can see this KS gallery here on Dungeon Crawler.

  • Enormous man eating plant with two big vines and a gaping maw
  • Robed goblin with wicked looking axe.
  • Giant skeleton in armour carrying sword
  • Bird with a stag head

Town Folk

Need some victims to fill your towns? We are making that possible. Whether it is filling shops, schools, taverns, temples of questionable intent, you will be able to populate these areas with our town folk. Paint up some town folk ghosts or zombies with our unpainted versions! Click to order USA | Canada | Worldwide

Beggar: a helpless old lady, a witch, a disguised hag or an ancient sorceress.

Merchant: a blacksmith, a baker, inn keeper, the butcher or clocksmith.

Scamp: an unarmed small humanoid, a little boy or a little girl.

Seductress: a dancer, a sorceress, a jungle princess, a slave, a lady of the night, a sacrifice, an assassin or a priestess.

  • Old human with cane
  • Fat human in apron
  • Small sized human child
  • Scantilly clad woman
  • Old human with cane
  • Fat human in apron
  • Small sized human child
  • Scantilly clad woman


Bad picnics, hounds baying in the distance, dark ravenous birds and wooden coffins! Click to order USA | Canada | Worldwide

Giant Ant: an animal companion, a summonable creature, a swarm or guardian.

Mastiff: an animal companion, a small humanoid mount, a summonable creature, a wild pack animal, a loyal hunting animal, shapeshifter or guardian.

Raven: a familiar, a summonable creature, a flying swarm, shapeshifter or sentry.

Wood Coffin: we encourage players to get creative with these and fill them with a variety of items such as; treasure, slime, a corpse (perhaps for a vampire) or skeleton. Set a few of these in a deep dark dungeon for the big reveal!

  • Giant Ant
  • Mastiff
  • Raven
  • Wood Coffin with removable lid
  • Giant Ant
  • Mastiff
  • Raven
  • Wood Coffin with removable lid

From the Depths

Creepy grabby things "from the depths"! This was our first attempt at entering the pre-painted miniatures world and what a success! Use them for area spell effect markers, creatures that are not fully revealed, as part of the terrain or as a distraction for the real encounter. Click to order USA | Canada | Worldwide

  • 3 tendril black goo
  • Octopus arm
  • Brown two pronged strange tentacle
  • Beanstalk

Combat Bases & Game Accessories

Along with our miniatures we pitched in to get these in to production; Collector Coins, Blank Combat Bases, Flying Combat Bases, Combat Counters and Combat Clips

1x1 Combat Bases

1X1 Flying Bases

Collector Coins, Set of 3

We'll bet since encountering our minis you may have wondered "what's with our slightly funky bases?" and we had to hold on to that secret for a few years, trying not to burst at the seams or blather on to everyone we didn't know about it. Well, during our KS2013 campaign we unveiled our clever scheme and that answer was Combat Accessories.

Combat Accessories include blank bases which can be glued to any model (the surface is very smooth so we recommend either scoring the surface first or using model gel glue). There are four pip and slot locations around the outer edge of the base which you can attach Combat Clips and Combat Counters to.

Combat Clips, Set of 4

Combat Counters, Set of 16 Pegs

Combat Clips currently include a Banner, Flag, Torch and Sphere. These can be used as reminders for effects that are assigned to your figure during game play such as light sources, poison markers, paralyzed status or anything you need (as well as representing characters that might actually be carrying a flag or banner).

Combat Counters can technically be used like Combat Clips for tracking status effects, but each Combat Counter Peg holds two Rings allowing it to do more. These Rings each have the numbers 0-9 etched in them. This allows for tracking damage on your models or quickly identifying which enemy figure is which. The Pegs have a small point at the tip to show which number on the dial is selected. There are four different coloured Rings; Red, Green, White and Blue. "I attack the red skeleton" or the "I attack the white/blue skeleton" can help identify which target a player wants quickly in small groups (in configurations of up to 20 before even using the numbers). I always read top down, but to each their own.