Kamber, Keldornan Priest
Blonde bearded red robed priest
01 | Rare
By: Ricardo Boronat
Seal the Gate
Abbadon stepping through a hellgate
02 | Rare
By: Falk Hansel
Vorlaat, Dread Lord
Demonic looking heavily armoured templar
03 | Rare
By: Falk Hansel
Capture Acolyte
Cuffed man, being questioned by two adventurers
04 | Infrequent
By: Falk Hansel
Inner Sanctum
An old dusty hall guarded by a hellhound
05 | Uncommon
By: Falk Hansel
Sacrificial Chamber
Woman lying on altar surrounded by cloaked figures
06 | Rare
By: Falk Hansel
Secret Passage
Adventurers passing through an entrance in to a dark chamber
07 | Common
By: Falk Hansel