Inga, Gypsy Wizard
Raven haired beauty
01 | Rare
By: Ricardo Boronat
Unveil the Cursed
Girl in red dress floating above a corpse
02 | Rare
By: Maciej Janik
Young vampiress in black dress
03 | Rare
By: Kaj Driesen
Discovered Remains
Man with torch looking down at mangled hand
04 | Common
By: Maciej Janik
Final Resting Place
Girl with pale skin and red eyes sitting alone
05 | Rare
By: Kaj Driesen
Old Possessions
Old damaged stuffed bear
06 | Uncommon
By: Maciej Janik
The Brood
Tormented people running through a forest on a hunt
07 | Infrequent
By: Maciej Janik