Where To Start

An ECG is simply an Expandable Card Game. Dungeon Crawler™ is no longer a collectible card game, even though the cards have a rarity classification system, all of our ECG products are non-random. The rarity found on our cards just lets you know how many can be expected in a full set; Rare = 1, Uncommon = 2, Infrequent = 3 and Common = 4.

To play you will need an Unbound Starter. This contains everything you need to start playing the 1 player Story Mode games or the 2 player Co-operative games. This is the core version of the game and can stand alone, you never need to expand your collection further.

2 Player XP

You can play a 2 player co-op game with your Starter... just at a Starter scale! Which is actually really good for showing someone how to play. Encounters are 6pts, the Dungeon gets 60 cards, each player gets 2 Adventurers and 30 cards - and you're ready to GO!

Our Compiled Rulebook is Available!

We compiled our online rules together in to one easy to use rulebook. You can order the rulebook, or view it online here as a pdf 2021 DC ECG Rulebook vr1.2 (vr1.1).

See Our Reviews

Professionals and gamers alike have experienced Dungeon Crawler ECG, read their reviews here. You can also check out our ratings and reviews directly on board game sites like Board Game Geek.

International Purchases

So, you are interested in our game, but you live in the UK, how do you get our game? A store front might be able to get them through distributors such as; Impressions or an indie distributor called Indie Press Revolution (IPR).

What To Get After

To expand your collection further you can pick up one of the five Delve Packs. These non-random packs contain 52 cards, now printed in the USA, with new Adventurers, Quests and a mix of new cards and useful copies of cards from the Unbound Starter to bolster both your Dungeon and your Crawler decks. There is Keldorna (filled with traps), Stonehold (focusing on Undead and Goblins), Outlands (focusing on terrain), Sylvan Woods (focusing on poison), and Barren Mountains (focusing on Stealth and big monsters). The Delve Packs have been reconstructed as v2.0 to work better with 1 full set games instead of a randomized format intended for up to 4 copies of the game. Check the specific game format rules to see limitations on how many copies of each card you can have in a deck.

Expand Your Collection

You can also try out our Mines of Khurgan Expansion Pack an 82 card, non-random, all new art, brutal encounter deck focused around traps and kobolds lead by a Kobold Shaman named Skwee! This pack also includes thick cardstock token punch card including a Primary Target oversized token. Rate MoK on BGG.

The Thorn Expansion Pack an 82 card, non-random, all new art, intense pack focused around the Undead and lead by a Lich lord named Zhuldar! This pack also includes 6 promos and two Resource Tracking cards for game play. Rate The Thorn on BGG.

Now available is our The Icecrest Expansion Pack an 82 card, non-random, all new art, intense pack focused around the Orcish Horde and lead by a Ogress Witch named Uhmgreld! This pack also includes 8 promo cards. Rate The Thorn on BGG.

A Variety of Game Play

Spice up your ECG game and try the "Wild Card Scenarios"! This variation of the game lends an element of surprise and challenge to the game play. Check out the first adaptation of this under Campaigns. Our Campaign section has Dungeon deck builds already designed for players that want to face something pre-built.

How Challenging Can This Really Be?

To really ramp up your difficulty we've introduced The Scenario Packs a 52 card, non-random, all new art, 4 brutal event-based deck focusing around 4 very different Scenarios that have you battling a Colossus, a Cult, the Damned, and even an Ancient Dragon! This pack will also include a new rule card, and promo cards. Check it out on Project-Fuel.

Starters Guide vr 1.1

You've just picked up the Starter and you want to play, but you don't know where to start! This pdf is a step by step guide for you to use with your brand new Starter. It will tell you to build 2 small decks of 23 cards from your Starter pack and then step-by-step show you what happens during a game and why.

This will cover; encounter builds, combat, stealth, pulls, flips, busts, draws, discards and much more. There are 7 full Rounds of play included to give the fastest and broadest experience of the Solitaire format for beginners.

For those of you that prefer to have a video demonstration, we have one available below which will go through all of the steps found in the pdf.

Dungeon Crawler ECG Solitaire Demonstration by DungeonCrawler

Flash Tutorial

This interactive tutorial has been captured to video from Flash which is now no longer supported. It is a completely different game play sample that will cover playing a 4pt beginner Story Mode match. Enjoy.



Introduction vr 1.2

Our recommendation is to review the introduction and print out the Attributes as needed!

This contains; card anatomy, checklists and attributes.

Current Set Lists

ST1: Unbound Starter Set List
DP1: Keldorna Set List
DP2: Stonehold Set List
DP3: Outlands Set List
DP4: Sylvan Woods Set List
DP5: Barren Mountains Set List
EX1: Mines of Khurgan Set List
EX2: The Thorn Set List
SC1: Scenario Pack 1 Set List
EX3: Icecrest Set List
EX4: Underworld Set List

If you would like a downloadable copy of the Solo Play Mat we have provided it for FREE here.

Next we recommend checking out the rules.