Welcome to the Campaigns section. Campaigns are pre-designed Dungeon decks with designated Quests. These Campaigns require using specific cards to play, and assume you have the full set. If you do not have all of the cards you can substitute what you like. Select your game mode from the below options and the link will open a pdf file.

To make campaign mode more difficult, try using the same Crawler deck through each segment of the entire storyline. Change out only 4 cards between any given segment.

Story Mode Single Set

Single Set will require only 1 Unbound Starter and 1 of each Delve Pack.


The Shroud of Stars
(80 cards, Easy)

The Barren Path
(80 cards, Hard)

The Goblin Champion
(80 cards, Standard)

The Secrets of the Shroud
(80 cards, Hard)


Raiders at Spidernest
(80 cards, Easy)

The Dark Wardens
(80 cards, Moderate)

Three Great Beasts
(80 cards, Hard)

The Master of Wickedtooth
(80 cards, Hard)


The Howling Pass
(80 cards, Easy)

Deadly Descent
(80 cards, Easy)

Long Forgotten
(80 cards, Standard)

Keeper of the Shrine
(80 cards, Hard)


(80 cards, Easy)

The Haunted Forest
(80 cards, Easy)

The Unseely Grove
(80 cards, Standard)

Master of the Thorn
(80 cards, Hard)

Story Mode Maximum

Maximum will contain up to 4 of any 1 Rare or Uncommon card (and 4-8 Common and Infrequent cards) which means that you will need 4 copies of the Starter and Delve Packs in order to have enough of the rare cards for the builds.


Forest of Shadows
(80 cards, Easy)

Forgotten Mines
(80 cards, Easy)

Here There Be Monsters
(80 cards, Standard)

The Lair
(80 cards, Hard)


Goblin Raiders
(80 cards, Easy)

Revenge of the Goblin Raiders
(80 cards, Standard)

Lost Outpost
(80 cards, Standard)

Greenknee's Lair
(80 cards, Hard)


Merchant's Caravan
(80 cards, Standard)

The Forest of Tears
(80 cards, Standard)

The Road to Azrahda
(80 cards, Standard)

The Tomb
(80 cards, Hard)


Icecrest Halls
(80 cards, Standard)

The Spiral Down
(80 cards, Standard)

The Evil Temple
(80 cards, Hard)

Infernal Bonds
(80 cards, Hard)


Cooperative will allow for 2-4 players. This will require up to 4 of each rare, which means 4 copies of certain cards. If all 4 players has a set, there should be enough cards to fill out the Co-op Campaigns.


Goblin Keep
(80 cards, Easy, Unbound)

Savage Forest
(80 cards, Easy, Unbound)

Underground Lair
(80 cards, Easy, Unbound)

Unhallowed Graves
(80 cards, Easy, Unbound)

Trapped Corridors
(80 cards, Easy, Mines of Khurgan)


Goblin Stronghold
(120 cards, Standard, Unbound)

Savage Ruins
(120 cards, Standard, Unbound)

Underground Maze
(120 cards, Standard, Unbound)

Unhallowed Crypts
(120 cards, Standard, Unbound)

Trapped Caverns
(120 cards, Standard, Mines of Khurgan)


Goblin Fortress
(160 cards, Hard, Unbound)

Savage Lands
(160 cards, Hard, Unbound)

Underground Labyrinth
(160 cards, Hard, Unbound)

Unhallowed Catacombs
(160 cards, Hard, Unbound)

Trapped Mines
(160 cards, Hard, Mines of Khurgan)

Make your own campaigns and share them with our community on the forums.

Wild Card Scenarios

Want to add a whole new level of difficulty and excitement to your crawling experience! Wild Card Scenarios is a new way to add that extra level of randomness to your encounters.

It's pretty easy. First choose one of the scenarios below and each Round as a Combat Trigger, flip a token (we use the Spent token), if it comes up "Spent" (or anything other than the number side) play out the scenario listed below.

There are two rules you'll need to know; Target X and Effect X.

Refresher: "Target X" is equal to the Cost of the top Dungeon card in the Grave +1. So if the Goblin is the top card that = 0 +1 for a total of 1. If your Adventurer in spot #1 is the Primary Target, they will remain the target. If Target X is higher you count to the right starting with the Primary Target until you get to the Adventurer furthest to the right then begin again at the furthest left Adventurer.

New Rule: "Effect X" is equal to the Cost of the top Dungeon card in the Grave +1. Refer to the effect listed (if there are multiples) in the list.


Halls of Madness (Easy)

Activate and Lock Adventurer using Target X.

Home Turf (Easy)

Each Terrain card in play grants +1 Power to each Character.

Darkest Night (Moderate)

Characters and Adventurers with Stealth gain +4 Power.

Toxic Air, Target-X (Moderate)

Place a poison token on target Adventurer.

Forest of Shadows, Effect-X (Moderate)

1. Goblins & Spiders gain +1 Armour and +4 Power.
2. Lamia & Slaugh gain Stealth.
3. Vodyanoi & Animated Trees gain Area +1.
4+. Slimes & Trolls gain Immune Fire.

Labyrinth of Doom, Effect-X (Hard)

1. Sneak Attack; the Dungeon gains +4 Power per Attacker.
2. Master Trapper; all Traps in the Dungeon gain Area +1.
3. More Than You Bargained For; draw another Dungeon card for this encounter.
4+. No Rest; place a Wound token on target Adventurer.

Web Crawler

This is a fun little side adventure so you can get some extra use out of your Dungeon Crawler collection. You must understand how to play Dungeon Crawler Solitaire before you begin play (Rules can be found here).

Just like a choose your own adventure, there are several outcomes.

Build an 80 card Crawler deck, select your Adventurers and make your way through a gauntlet of scenarios to complete the adventure! Keep your Dungeon cards handy to reference their stats. Once you have your deck created and your Adventurers have been selected, click on the image below to begin!

One exception to the rules; during Encounters, when there are no more Attackers remaining in Play, clear cards.

In the case of cards that Restock Dungeon cards (like Delay Inevitable) treat the Restocked cards as the only cards in the Dungeon deck. If there is a Dungeon card available to be Pulled in to Play from the "deck" the encounter continues.