Home Brew Scenarios Pt 2 Caves of the Kobold Master
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Author:  slimeworm [ Thu May 04, 2017 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Home Brew Scenarios Pt 2 Caves of the Kobold Master

Hay all:

I have made a couple home brew scenarios. They both require cards from one single complete set, but all releases. (Unbound starter, the Thorn, promo cards, Caves etc.)

Caves of the Kobold Master (Hard difficulty)


1 Adult Onyx Dragon
2 Giant Grey Spider
4 Giant Rat
4 Kobold
3 Kobold Sniper
4 Kobold Thief
2 Kobold Trappers
2 Large Wurm
2 Lilitu
1 Minor Abomination
2 Shadow Elf
1 Skwee, Kobold Shaman
2 Slime
1 Troll

31 Characters


1 Ambush
1 Bad Luck
2 It's a Trap
3 Not Alone
1 Recurring Villain
3 Reinforcements
1 Rushed
1 Silenced
1 Unlucky

14 Events


2 Chasm
2 Crumbling Floor
4 Dark Corridor
2 Labyrinth
1 Lava Pit
3 Narrow Tunnels

14 Terrain


1 10´ Pit Trap
2 20´ Pit Trap
1 20´ Spiked Pit Trap
1 Cave In
3 Dart Trap
1 Decoy
2 Falling Stones
2 Fire Stream Rune
1 Poisonous Dart Trap
2 Poisonous Gas
1 Spear Trap
4 Trip Line

Quests: Den of Evil, Evil Has a Name, Pathfinder

Notes: Try to complete Pathfinder and Evil Has a Name. Complete victory is all three and the dungeon deck emptied. If it is too difficult, take out the Recurring Villain event and put in a Rapid Developments event and / or take out the Lava Pit terrain and put in another Chasm terrain or if you are brave, another Falling Stones trap. Note that the Recurring Villain will only trigger with Skwee or the dragon. Its designed to be so. As well, be careful of the Trip Lines and Poisonous Gas traps, as these get extra power with the Labyrinth terrains and the Kobolds (along with all the other traps). Chasm and Cave In will often be friendly cards. Let me know what you think.

I don't suppose there is any chance of getting our own Forum branch for Scenarios?

Author:  dungeoncrawler [ Thu May 04, 2017 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Home Brew Scenarios Pt 2 Caves of the Kobold Master


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