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 Post subject: A Tale of Twins, Both Darkness & Dawn Campaign/Story Idea
PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:12 pm 
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A Tale of Twins Both Darkness & Dawn

A powerful white witch named Ruvila, living in the hills of Pagoden, was once blessed with the birth of very special twins, 2 daughters born with the gift of magic but of an odd strain. The magical power they possessed complimented one another very uniquely, a perfect match of darkness and light. Their mother trained them in the arts best she could, shaping their inborn talents, and in time the 2 of them grew to be both beautiful and quite powerful.

The names of Maleen and Lamia spread far and wide. They were often spotted in the distance near dark, walking along the hillsides, talking and laughing together into the night. Their voices carried an almost musical tone, one of healing and of comfort. In time, rumors and folklore carried many a strange tale across the lands. They became saviors of a sort.

They were both talented in the arts of healing and had an uncanny relationship with nature, that was well known. But together it was said that they had the power to return the living from the dead. Local farmers with livestock in anguish were often surprised to find the next morning the animals roaming healthy and full of life, seemingly reborn in the night.

Another story tells of a young boy and his dog that was gravely injured during a hunt. It is said that the sisters happened to stumble upon the child, deep in the wood, holding his beloved dog. With the slightest of touch and a blending of harmonies the injured beast lived yet again. Through tears of joy the boy embraced the sisters and the legend grew still.

At there 19th year they had become so well known throughout Pagoden that even the king himself often sent them requests for aid or counsel. Their powers were beyond compare when acting as one.

Unfortunately, their existence also became known to a rather unsavory War Fiend Demon whose ambitions reached far beyond his current standing. Through the study of dusty lore he found a unique incantation that tantalized his hunger for power. The script proclaimed that, under the light of the devil's moon, at the altar of some forgotten god, the sacrifice of these twins would grant unto him untold levels of power and control. A quest he set out upon almost immediately.

With his plan in mind he gathered together a large force of his underlings. Being a powerful demon in his own right, his force was one to be reckoned with. If he were to fulfill his sacrificial aims his dark reach of control would engulf the lands of Pagoden, and beyond.

So one foggy evening, in the still of night, the 2 young witches were snatched away while on one of their moonlit treks by a well trained and well paid group of Dreadlander Mercenaries. Caught off guard they were overtaken with little resistance. No signs were left behind.

The next morning Ruvila frantically reached out to the locals for help in finding her daughters, believing them kidnapped for ransom or worse.

Hearing of this you and your band decide to take it upon themselves to retrieve the young witches. They have no idea the magnitude of the situation, being much more than a simple kidnapping for ransom. The future of all Pagoden was at stake and they didn't even know it yet.

Goal: Rescue the Damsel 2 times and Slay the War Fiend Demon. Succeed with the encounter, the witch is saved, failure and she doesn't make it out alive.

Maybe on deck creation you'd take the first 20 cards and mix the Damsel in.
Success or failure mixes the Damsel back into the mix a second time. Draw say the top 15 cards this time and randomly mix her back in.

On the 2nd Damsel encounter the War Fiend Demon card is immediately mixed into the deck. After the 2nd Damsel encounter is completed it is then removed from the game.

Defeating the War Fiend Demon (or he escapes if the deck runs out) concludes the quest.

Great victory: Rescue both witches and slay the Demon
Victory: Save one witch, slay the Demon
Partial Victory: One or both witches are saved but the deck runs out before the Demon is slain (he escapes)
Worth the effort: Both witches are lost but the Demon is slain
Defeat: Both witches slain and the Demon escapes (deck exhausted)

Not sure of the card amounts but I'm leaning more towards battle and locations and away from lots of traps. Maybe a few.

I'm seeing a good mix of the Core set and Barren Mountains:

Dreadlander Mercenaries
Lots of Wild Nagas
Dark Altar
Murky Swamps
1 Young Granite Dragon guarding the ruins
Archaic Slaugh
Dark Corridors
Recurring Villian
Lamia Anguine
Fire Stream Rune Trap

No trolls, orcs, goblins, mummies, Kobolds or undead. Mostly supernatural enemies. Grabbing a few more Wild Nagas from other sets could be cool. I'm seeing the Nagas as the main enemy here, with a few Masterminds aiding their evil plot.

When I get some free time I intend to try this out. I hope its worthy. I'm not sure I got all of the success/failures listed properly but a few tests should iron it out. A bit vague perhaps but the idea seems sound, hopefully. haha

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