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 Post subject: Mines of Khurgan too hard?
PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:17 pm 
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But, that might be part of it's charm (or re-playability).


I decided to give the Mines of Khurgan expansion a go, not because I'm tired of the base set, but because it's been sitting on my table calling me... play me...play me...

I decided to take all 40 MoK dungeon cards and mix those with 40 random ones from the base set. I did the same for the other cards as well, and off I went after selecting the new hero and 3 others randomly from the base set. Things did not go well...

I had a decent hand to start with and immediately ran into a unique character from the set which regenerates unless you discard 3 cards from your hand, and so the trouble began early. I was also forced to burn quite a few cards as well from other effects and things did not look good - I had a character locked, but fortunately a terrain card came into play pushing up the number in the dungeon, making the dungeon bust until I either cleared the unique character or until the terrain disappeared. I used this to my advantage from some additional draws and was able to get my hand expanded to 7 through a card effect, and take down the unique character after only sustaining a few wounds.

I used another card to shift the party around, but that would prove to be futile. I drew Cave in, doing damage to each adventurer, followed by poison gas traps, and since I had discarded and burned cards that helped with this, I was out of luck. This immediately caused 3 of my party to die, and without having enough resources to resurrect anyone, it was surely game over. The next dungeon proved that theory as my stubborn dwarf swung his warhammer in a last ditch effort to take someone to the grave with him, and he was quickly overcome and fell to the ground.

This expansion added a lot to the game - I need to study the cards to see if I should build a deck to work through that dungeon, and/or create a strategy instead of just delving into the unknown.

- on a related note, this game is so good that all 5 delve packs are on order

I just had to share this, because even when you think someone is going to hate your game because it's too hard on their first try - it actually ends up that they love it!

Thanks for a great read eastwoodk. :tiphat:

"And so, it begins..."

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