You may be wondering, what is our plan for DCMs? Although this is only a part of our plan, Labyrinth is an awesome miniatures board game. Made for 2-6 players, this strategy game is easy to learn and hard to master. Race to the center to get the treasure, you can even play on teams! Print and Play for Free!

rulebook coverThis game is far too massive for us to manufacture in a cost effective way, so we decided to make this in to what we call a "piece-meal" game. You can print up the parts yourself with the pdfs, and purchase the pieces as you like. Pieces you can print include; Rulebook, Play Mat (38 x 38), Game Tiles (x60), Game Cards (x99) & Game Tokens (x54). We encourage you to use your collection of PPMs and d6 dice that you may already have or purchase them from your local gaming store! Download the rulebook here.

The rulebook is also available in booklet format, print it out, staple the center and make it a booklet. The booklet only requires 3 sheets of paper to print.

The Play Mat requires 25 sheets of cardstock (you can use paper, but we recommend cardstock). These are high definition images and this file is 15MB.

sample of game play

Tiles require 30 sheets of cardstock (you can use paper, but we recommend cardstock). These are high definition images and this file is 60MB.

card download

Cards require 11 sheets of cardstock or paper. These are high definition images and this file is 70MB.

token download

Tokens require 1 sheet of cardstock or paper.

As an option you can print up our Standees if you don't have minis.

Custom Pieces

In case you wanted to expand on this game on your own, you can download the blank tile and card file for your own creativity.DCL Blanks print what you need!


Once printed and cut place all of the Mat pieces face up so that you can see the entire Mat. Then take the furthest left and right corners and swap them, repeat this process with the two tiles that are just inside from those two parts. Do this all the way down the mat until all parts have been swapped except the center parts. Then flip over the parts so they face downwards. Now tape the parts together.

Cards sleeves can be used for the cards to colour code, sort, keep a uniformed look and hide the card details when face down.

To keep the mystery alive when drawing tiles, you can place the rulebook on top and just slide out the top tile from underneath it, it's not perfect, but works pretty good. You can also put the tiles in a box to reach in and grab them.

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